19 Quotes by God itself Morgan Freeman

Do I even need to say who Morgan Freeman is ?


1.”You know, the ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not. ‘Have you found joy in your life?’ ‘Has your life brought joy to others?” – Morgan Freeman


2.”Challenge yourself; it’s the only path which leads to growth.” – Morgan Freeman


3.”Don’t be different just for different’s sake. If you see it differently, function that way. Follow your own muse, always.” – Morgan Freeman


4.”If your life turns out to be good and you have a tremendous amount of luck in your life, it’s a good thing to turn around and make it work for others.” – Morgan Freeman


5.”I always tell my kids if you lay down, people will step over you. But if you keep scrambling, if you keep going, someone will always, always give you a hand. Always. But you gotta keep dancing, you gotta keep your feet moving.” – Morgan Freeman


6.”The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.” – Morgan Freeman


7.”How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman


8.”The highest power is the human mind. That’s where God came from and my belief in God is my belief in myself.” – Morgan Freeman


9.”Very often, you know, you stop walking because you say, ‘Well, I’m tired of climbing this hill. I’m never going to get to the top.’ And you’re only two steps from the top.” – Morgan Freeman


10.”You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” – Morgan Freeman


11.”Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.” – Morgan Freeman


12.”Never give up the ganja.” – Morgan Freeman


13.”You can’t take credit for talent; you can only take credit for using it.” – Morgan Freeman


14.”Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear.” – Morgan Freeman


15.”Don’t be afraid of what you want. This is your time. The barriers are down.” – Morgan Freeman


16.”Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.” – Morgan Freeman


17.”Fatigue, discomfort, discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.” – Morgan Freeman


18.”As long as you feel like a victim, you are one.” – Morgan Freeman


19.”If you’re not living on the edge then you’re taking up a little too much space.” – Morgan Freeman



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