Accept the way you feel

It is now when technology and social media have the strongest impact on our lives than ever before. The constant posting on Facebook/Instagram and the rest of the social platforms has created the need to always shove it in people’s faces how happy we are and how perfect our lives are. Truth is we can’t always be in a good mood and frankly we don’t need to.

The problem is that nowadays it is somewhat strange or weird to feel any other way than good. There was a time when I myself was feeling awful,yet every time I met someone that I knew on the street I was always saying that I was fine. But what’s so wrong about feeling other that positive emotions that brings us such shame to share it ? To be honest it is actually more unnatural to always feel happy and positive.

Think of it like this, feelings are the same as seasons. As much as we`d like it, it can’t always be summer. The nature is in a constant change and so are we. Just like there is a time when the tree’s life would fade, so would our feelings. There are going to be times when you will feel extremely happy and times when you will feel a bit down, and that’s completely natural.


So next time you wake up and you don’t feel in top form, don’t get in your head. Just accept the way you feel and go on with your day. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

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