Are you in the 1%?

You’ve most likely heard of the prominent 1%, the people with the most wealth, the best lifestyle and immeasurable amount of motivation. The 1% are the people that even when they had it bad and were at ground zero they still found a way to get back on their feet and overcome the obstacles life threw at them. They are the people that will look for solutions instead of excuses and will hustle while the rest are resting and having fun.

But why do these people only make 1% of the whole population ? Surely a lot more than that want to have wealth, to travel around the world and live a financially independent life. And in truth they do. We all want to have the best lifestyle we can, however it’s not always about how bad you want something, but rather how much you’d give and sacrifice to get it and that is where the line is drawn.


Behind every successful man there’s a lot of unsuccessful years.” – Bob Brown


The only reason why only 1% of people make it is because only 1% of us are willing to give everything to get what they want. They want it so hard that there isn’t a single thing that can stand in their way.

And while most of us are wondering if they should go to the gym because they’re too tired, the 1% are already there working on themselves. They know that they will never regret doing the right thing even if it cost them the last drop of energy they had in them.

Only 1% of people succeed because they show up every time they have to. The thought of going outside their comfort zone only motivates them to work harder while it strikes fear in the hearts of the rest. If it was that easy we’d all be CEOs now.


So….do you think you’ve got what it takes to be in the 1%?



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