Embrace the unknown

Doesn’t the “what if” haunt you like it haunts me? Isn’t a little bit of change or discomfort worth stepping out of your gray everyday life ? It’s baffling how we`d rather live with the regret and pain of not doing something just because we weren’t willing to sacrifice a few minutes of our comfort.

But I cant assure you it only gets better. What if you share your idea at that meeting/party? What if you go and talk to that cute girl that is standing all alone at the bus stop staring at her phone ? It would cost you nothing,because you cannot pay with money to feel alive. The things that give our lives meaning and make us go forward are the things that make our hearts race,that give us those butterflies in our stomach and make you feel as if you were on the edge.

Most people would rather die than be center of attention or do something that might threaten their ego.We have become so anti-social that we have forgotten how normal and natural it actually is.Embrace the unknown,do something wild,because every day you spend suppressing your thoughts and inner urges,is a day wasted.

Next time you`re faced with the decision to do something out of the ordinary,ask yourself: Would this harm me ? Would it kill me ? Most likely the answer will be “No”. So why not do it then ? It’s a lot better to have failed than to have never tried at all. At least you were yourself and you did what your gut told you.

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