Feeding off negativity

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend being angry at something? All that energy we put into thinking a way how things could have gone differently. However it is us that make the situation far greater than it is by giving it importance.

I have come to realize that a situation is only as important as you make it to be. Yesterday as I was going to work a car drove past and splashed water all over my shoes. At first I got pissed as everyone would,but then I asked myself the two most important questions in such scenarios. Will this matter tomorrow? Can I somehow change what happened ? The answer to both those questions was “no”. My feet were already wet and I couldn’t do a thing and that’s alright. I could’ve just thought about it the whole day and told everyone how my whole day is ruined and how life is so unfair. Instead I just accepted what had happened and moved on with my day.

The moment you stop giving problematic situations so much importance is the moment you stop being their slave. Only then can you start seeing the world as it is and start living a normal life free from stress and worry.

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