How to keep yourself motivated at all times

The lack of motivation is something,that almost every person suffers from. Even if we like it or not we might be motivated when we get out of bed or get a spark of motivation at some point of the day and the next moment this spark could be gone. And even though way too many people rely on motivation when doing things,it is not the most important thing,but if you wish to know how to sustain that little dose of motivation that you get from time to time,here is how you do it:

Do something good every day –  What most people don’t understand is that its the little things that matter,from making way for someone on the street,giving a stranger a smile to making someone a compliment. All these things will not only make your day better,but others` as well. By doing that you will free your mind from negative thoughts and the constant worrying and thus making it easier for you to work on your goals.


Complete a simple,but important task –  You know those annoying chores that you have to do,that you always leave last? Well,doing them regularly and on time can actually be of help to you! We all have some tasks that we need to do every day and as simple as they are we never find time to do them and we leave them waiting for days at a time.

Once you start doing them on time you will break from the circle of delaying and start actually getting some confidence in yourself. The small tasks that you have won’t help you build a business or make you a billionaire,but they will at least get you on the right track.


Talk to a stranger – As strange as it might be going up to a stranger,striking a conversation with one generates a ton of positive vibes.

Making small talk is hard and not something that everyone can handle,but even if it doesn’t go well,the thought that you actually made an attempt could charge you for the whole day. Not only that,but meeting people with different personalities and views can do a lot for your way of thinking and accepting people.



Do you have any other ways of dealing with the lack of motivation ? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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