How to stay in the present

Staying present is one of the hardest things nowadays with the advancement of technology and the decrease of our attention span. Everywhere we go there is something that keeps our mind occupied, even in the bathroom we take our phones with us.

Man has become afraid of what might happen if he is left alone with his thoughts, because that’s when it gets dark. We are afraid to be alone with our thoughts because we don’t know what we may find in the depths of our mind.


  Letting go of the past


The past is something that haunts almost every single one of us, be it something that happened a week or years ago. The amount of time we spend thinking about past events is so great that it is stupendous. And it all comes to one little detail, we refuse to admit that we can’t change anything amount the certain moment.

Until we realize that the way something went is the only way it could’ve gone and we can’t do anything do change it, we won’t be able to savour the present moment.

When you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like you’re faced with two options: Accept it or leave. Every now and then we are put in a situation of discomfort, where we feel foreign and out of place. However there is no need to endure all that just so we could then complain how awful it was and we had our hands tied. You either accept the moment as it is or abandon it.

Whats more it is us that give any situation importance and value and at the same its us that can take it away. A lot of what happens to us only has effect because it is reinforced by our thoughts. It is your choice whether you make a big deal out of something or not.


Everybody’s got a past.The past does not equal the future unless you live there” – Tony Robbins

  Stop daydreaming


As much as you like thinking about the girl you have a crush on or how insane next Friday night is going to be,one thing is certain, its bad for you. Daydreaming may seem harmless, but in fact just like thinking about the past it can have a negative impact on you. It can make you have false expectations about future events and it distracts you from the present.

People don’t know really know how to enjoy the present moment and that’s why they would rather think about the weekend/holidays/summer. Unfortunately as soon as the long awaited moment finally arrives their minds shift again to the next occasion to celebrate. The saddest thing is that the whole time between the days we have plans on is just time that we would rather skip than find a way to enjoy.

Daydreaming may bring you temporary happiness, however it takes your attention away from the bigger picture. When you’re thinking about the future you might get hyped how awesome it will be, but unless you do something now that future you’ve been thinking so much about won’t become reality.


A goal without an action plan is a daydream” – Nathaniel Branden


  Keep that phone in the pocket


Have you ever seen something more ridiculous than two people on a date with their phones in their hands chatting and checking social media? I haven’t. As I mentioned a little earlier, even when the day we’ve waited for so long finally comes we again turn our attention to something else. How insane is it to wait for something a whole week just to end up staring at your phone the whole night while everyone else is socializing and having fun ?

The problem is that we don’t know how to let loose anymore and also with advancement of social media apps face to face communication has become foreign to us. Thus most of us resort to alcohol in such cases, but that doesn’t always end well now, does it ? By always being on the phone,on the bus or on the street, you miss out on opportunities and most importantly on life.

In reality it takes only a few seconds of hesitation to miss an opportunity to change your life or someone else’s. Because while you are starring at your phone scrolling through the pictures of other and silly posts, life is happening. And most importantly life doesn’t wait for anybody and this is why you consider choosing one or the other.

Here is a fun challenge to try next time you go out – leave your headphones at home. By doing that you’ll become a lot more receptive, you won’t drift off that easily or that much  and you will be become a lot more aware of the environment. Once you get used to that try removing some of the apps that catch your attention the most and leave only the ones that have truly proved to be helpful.

Staying present at all times is undoubtedly very difficult and requires a lot of practice and overall patience. However at the end of day it’s all going to be worth it simply because you can’t derive pleasure and happiness from neither the future nor the past as they don’t exist.

Whatever happened in the past is there to stay and has no control over you and at the same time you can’t and shouldn’t try to change what already happened.



What methods do you use to stay present? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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