How your thoughts prevent you from succeeding

Aside from all the backlash that we get from people on a daily basis,it is out thoughts however that impact how we progress the most. Our inner voice has the ability to simultaneously never let us take action and take us all the way,all at the same time. Neglected by many,our self-perception is one of the most important things,that we need to pay attention to and work on.



The only thing that assuming can do is sabotage you. Assuming only keeps you from exploring all the possible scenarios that could become reality if you only go for what you want. Yes,sometimes you might get what you expected to get,be it getting rejected or made fun of,but it’s better to know that you went there and tried than to live with the ”what if”.

Every time we are faced with a choice that requires us to do something we haven’t done until now,that is where assuming comes to protect us from the unknown and ”dangerous”. But how many times have you regretted  not listening to it? That’s right,none.


Assuming is the root of all disappointments.” – Rogienel  Reyes


  Doubting yourself

Unless we truly love and believe in ourselves,it wont matter,even if we get all the compliments in the world. I have had people compliment me many times on my guitar skills after a concert or so,but deep inside I knew that I could have done better,which prevented me from just accepting the compliment and appreciating how far I have come.

Having the ability to enjoy each step of the process and to give yourself a pat on the back for every small thing you achieve,is something that every one of us should learn to do to live a healthier life.


  Negative talk

Being too harsh on yourself has never helped solve anything. Many go into something with the idea that if someone did it,why couldn’t they ?. Of course,that is correct,however what most people don’t realize is that everyone of us learns at different pace. Just because it took somebody 3 months to lose this much weight,doesn’t matter that you will too. At the same time it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to do that,just that you will need to do double the work that he did.

We tend to flood our minds with negative thoughts,whenever we fail to do something on the first try,like -”maybe this thing isn’t for me”,or -”how come he did that on the first try and I couldn’t”. But what we don’t understand is that each new thing,that we get into is like planting a tree,it might take months or even year before we see any results,but that isn’t something that should hold us back.

You would not hang out with people,that talk to you like you talk to yourself

– Mel Robbins


In times like these who needs enemies when you have…yourself? We spend so much time contemplating and analyzing every single detail,that we forget to live and actually have fun. The stress we`re constantly putting ourselves under has made us forget,that we are in control of our minds not the other way around. The mind will always be man’s most powerful tool and once it is put to good use,it can create miracles.


Are there any other things,that you feel are retarding your growth? Share them with us in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “How your thoughts prevent you from succeeding

  • 29/01/2017 at 22:56

    Great article! Thanks for the advice. I personally make all 3 of the mistakes you mentioned but I’m trying my best to break the negative cycle :/ Articles like this keep me inspired. So keep it up!


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