Most common limiting belief and how to fight them

We all have certain beliefs which shape the world around us. From an early age, we are bombarded with different beliefs by our family or people we meet and we are required to decide whether this is something we want to believe in or not. Some beliefs, however, impact us in a negative way rather than positive and that is where we must stop and think about what needs to be reevaluated.

There are two worlds we live in, the real world, where things are as they are without any filter or anything and then there’s our world. Our world is shaped by our beliefs and is accommodated in a way that suits us and keeps us safe. Of course having a peaceful life and living until 80 is fine, but what about the quality of life we have? We’re way past the point where surviving and reproducing is enough. People nowadays want way more than just being able to get by.

There are still those that prefer a calm life without worries and problems, but most people seek adventure, they want to leave a mark on the world or even create something that will help many in the future. Everything until now seems quite simple, these people just live a simple life without a lot of worries and those people go do whatever they want, right? Well, not exactly. This is where our beliefs come in. As I mentioned earlier most of our beliefs have a negative impact on us and prevent us from doing what we want and following our dreams.

Here are some of the most common beliefs that we have about us:

I’m not good enough 

One of the things many people believe deep inside of them is that they’re not good enough. We often discourage ourselves from going for the higher paid job, requesting that promotion, approaching that cute girl on the street by saying to ourselves that we aren’t good enough.By saying that we aren’t smart enough or rich enough or tall enough or cool enough we keep ourselves from being happy and distance ourselves from the things we most desire. Yet nobody until now has had any problems with that at all when you think about it. So why would you judge yourself harsher than others?

I’m not smart enough

Just like in the previous point sometimes we might get discourages to go out with a certain group of people just because we might think that we’re less intelligent than them and we might make a fool of ourselves. I often used to find myself intimidated by people who in my opinion spoke better and sounded smarter than me, thus declining their invitations and even ignoring them for most of the time.

But again you probably have friends that don’t have the same education as you, be it because their parents couldn’t afford it or for some other reason. However, at the end of the day, you still remain friends with them regardless of their educational background.

I’m too old to start now

If there is something I’ve come to realize is that interests always change. Even if you end up doing something for a really long time at some point you will want some change. Changing the direction you’re going in shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to grow. Think of it like this you’ve already mastered something, you’ve learned everything there is to learn about something and now you’re ready to move on.

You can still do what you did before as a side thing, but if you truly want to do something else you shouldn’t let anything stop you.

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you can’t embark on new adventures and diverse your life. In fact staying and doing the same your whole life should be the thing that should strike you with fear.

There is nothing interesting about me

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are working on something you like and somebody called you or wrote to you and asked you what you were doing and you replied something like “Oh, nothing important”? Why though? Obviously, you like what you are doing, so why not share it with others?

We’re often self-conscious about the things we do when it comes to sharing them with “outsiders”. We think that unless it’s something really extreme or really hard it doesn’t have any value. I often used to lie to people that I don’t like or play video games just because I thought they would think that I was immature.

In reality what I realized years after that is the more you hide your true interests the less interesting you would be. What’s more, if you don’t own who you are and what you’re interested in the more people will make fun of you and won’t take you seriously. So choose who you want to be.


At the end of the day, nobody’s looking for the perfect person. All of our friends and family members have some flaws, yet we don’t push them away as we do with ourselves. If we are accepted as we are by them why do we not accept ourselves for us? The second you start questioning yourself and your worth, question the thoughts you have. On what facts do they base each other?  We cannot control the thoughts we have, but we can control the effect they have on us.


Stay tuned for the second part of this topic where I will reveal in details how you can crush the beliefs that are limiting you.
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One thought on “Most common limiting belief and how to fight them

  • 01/07/2017 at 16:43


    Thank you for the article, you make excellent point. However, I do not agree with the last sentence. “We cannot control the thoughts we have, but we can control the effect they have on us.” I believe we certainly can control the thoughts we have (meditation, awareness) and also the effect they have on us. Regardsless of that, thanks for the article!

    Also there’s a book about re-framing limiting belief called Mind-lines, which you might find interesting! You are actually doing some of the processes outlined in the book in this article.


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