Why investing in your body will be the best deal you’ll ever make

When you think about starting a business and building a product you probably concentrate only on the deals you might make or the growth of the product. However truth be told you won’t be able to enjoy all that success for that long unless you pay attention to you body. If you don’t watch your health you might end up spending all your money on medicine and . Just like you keep your mind in top shape the same goes for your body because one doesn’t go without the other. People haven’t said “Strong body,strong mind” for nothing.


Here are 2 reasons why you should not only take care of yourself mentally,but also physically:


  Healthy body,healthy mind


As important as you might think feeding your mind is, it’s not everything. In order for you to be the best version of yourself you must pay attention how you treat your body. Just like a car if you put bad oil in your car then sooner or later it will break. So if you want your body to work for you, you will need to be more careful what you’re feeding it. Of course cutting junk food would greatly improve your health, but a strict diet will rocket boost every aspect of your life.

Cutting specific types of food won’t only contribute to your weight and figure, but can also affect the levels of dopamine your brain creates daily. Now what’s dopamine and why is it so important you ask ? Dopamine is the chemical released that triggers “motivation” and increases our will power.

A healthier way to get yourself motivated and be awesome right from the morning is the cold shower. I know, just the thought of it gives you the chills, but hear me out first. Cold showers have been proved to be highly beneficial. Some of the pros of cold showers are : increase in testosterone, strengthening your immune system, improve the condition of skin and hair, increase in the dopamine levels and focus. The cons are…well it’s cold and uncomfortable.

Another thing that is highly overlooked is exercise. Exercising doesn’t only benefit you by strengthening your muscles,getting you in shape or boosting your metabolism, but it also boosts your dopamine levels and mentation. Our body is used to movement because back in the day we were always on the move and looking for something to hunt or watching out not to become hunted, so nowadays when life is so much easier we’ve taken full advantage of it.

By sitting in one place for a long time the thought process slows down and works at slower rate than it normally would since it assumes that by you sitting calmly in your chair or on your couch there’s nothing interesting or important happening at the moment.

Exercising has also proved to be a natural cure for depression and helps you learn quicker. It has also shows to increases levels of norepinephrine and serotonin and when those two combined with dopamine are in deficit they lead to depression. A study by the California department of education has consistently shown that students with higher fitness scores have higher test scores.


Food for your mind


Now, while there are a lot of foods that increase the thought process and brain activity such as nuts,apples, green tea and so on they won’t be the topic of conversation now. What I would like to touch upon here is the immaterial type of food we can feed our minds. Most of our everyday problems come just from the fact that we do not feed our minds the right type of food which in turn creates a lot more problems than it solves.

The type of food I’m talking about are our thoughts. From the minute we wake up until the time we go back to sleep our mind is occupied by all kind of thoughts and is always working at a high pace. 90% or even more of those thoughts are thoughts linked to past events or are plans for future ones. The main thing is that they don’t benefit us one bit, yet this is what we think about the whole time.

While it is true that learning from our past mistakes is vital it does not mean that we should concentrate on them and relive them on a daily basis. The thought of failure serves the purpose of showing us what does not work and what we should avoid doing next we try the thing in question. It doesn’t serve any other purpose.

By being bombarded every day with negative thoughts it’s quite hard to focus and have a positive outlook on your goals and life itself. This is why it is crucial to try and replace these thoughts with positive ones. One way of doing that is by visualizing yourself the way you aspire to be. If you wish to be more sociable you can start by imagining how you would do that and eventually imagine yourself striking conversations with strangers in any type of situation. The best time to do that has been proven to be before going to sleep.

We’re used to going over our day at the end of every day and a lot of time we go over the bad things only. By doing that not only do we go to sleep in a bad mood, but we wake up in the same mood. I’m sure some of you might’ve experienced this, I have found myself in this situation not once without any clue why I would be so grumpy right in the morning when nothing even happened yet.

So just as you wouldn’t eat junk food all the time and you wouldn’t sabotage your body, do the same with your mind. Don’t tolerate thoughts that contribute to your well being. Don’t fixate on things that have already happened or might not happen at all. Focus on what you have and learn to distinguish which thoughts are based upon actual facts and which are just there to bring imbalance.


Feed your mind as you would your stomach – often,abundantly, and with solely the best.”


What is your opinion on how people treat their bodies and minds nowadays? Tell us in the comments below how you manage to keep yourself healthy everyday.

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