Why you will never achieve your goals

The common thing between all people is that we all aspire to have good lives. Some even strive to have a great life, full of amazing experiences, adventures and thrill, not just a mediocre one. We all want a job that is satisfactory and brings us a lot of money so that we could afford a nice place to live in and offer our children the best life possible.

However it’s not always that simple, there is no formula or a scheme that applies to everybody’s plan and works without a flaw. That’s where every individual needs to make the best of what he has and use every available skill or piece of  information he has to push through. Sadly not everyone is up for that or maybe they just needs more time to realize it and get used to the idea.


Here are 4 reasons why you will never achieve your goals:


  Visualize success

The core problem of most people’s inability to conquer their fears and obstacles is that they themselves don’t believe that they could do it. They don’t believe that they are worthy of having something or that they have what it takes to do something. Most of the time they wouldn’t even try something new to improve their lives just because of the barriers they’ve put in their minds.

Visualizing being successful, being outgoing, being whatever you aspire to be is vital in becoming just that. The more you come to terms with this thought and of course applying it in your everyday life you will notice that bit by bit you start to behave in the way you wanted. Half of the work is reinforcing the thought that you are this and the rest will come naturally.

Try this before going to bed: Imagine the things you want to do or you want to apply to your life. Think of all the good things you did or happened to you the same day and focus on them. Normally we tend to think and re-live only the bad things that happened to us throughout the day and by falling asleep with that state of mind it is logical that we will wake up with the same one.

So focus on the good and it will happen.



Another thing that people fail to do is immersing themselves in their goal. The thought of waking up and being able to work on what you love should charge you with all the power you need for the rest of the day. The problem is that when people go into something they don’t really regard it as something they would do for the rest of their lives or for a long period of time in general. They go into something with the thought that “it would be cool to know/do something” or “it would be fun to ….”.

If you come from that state of mind you will never have what it takes to have what you want, because while you do this just for the sake of doing something, there are people that would rather die than go a day without going to the gym for example. In order to achieve what you want you need to live and breathe that thing.

If you truly want to see results you need to commit 100% to whatever you want. Leave all of the things that don’t benefit your growth and focus on what matters.


  Know your ‘Why’

As I stated previously the majority of people only go into things because they think it might be fun or it would make them cool.That however is not enough to reach your goal. Whenever you feel stuck and unmotivated to go further you need to think how you felt when you were still a beginner at this. Because the only true force that will get you trough all the obstacles is the reason why you got into this.


Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change” – Tony Robbins

If the thought of staying the same doesn’t terrify you then it just isn’t something that you will feel motivated to change. Another way to give yourself a kick in the butt is to write down pros and cons of your goal. If the cons are more than the pros then there is your motivation, but if its the other way around then just don’t waste your time anymore on it.


Planning is crucial when you need to balance your time especially when you’re trying to do a lot of things at the same time. If you don’t plan your day correctly and create a schedule to go by you will always end up not doing something. I personally find it really hard to wake up early in the morning if I don’t have anything scheduled that day.

Whats more it’s not what you’re planning,but how you plan it. It’s not necessary to do all the things you need to do in a single day, because it will drive you insane and you will end up dumping the schedule after a week. This is why you need to figure out which of the activities you’re going after is the most important one and needs the most work and then distribute the rest accordingly.

So at the end of every week sit down for 10-15 minutes before going to bed and think about what you want to achieve by the end of the week. Set your goals for the week and then plan what you will do each day to achieve those goals. Some people prefer doing that in the morning, but I personally like to do that before going to bed because then I feel like I’ve done everything there is and can sleep better.


Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Following a regime, a diet or a schedule isn’t easy. You won’t always be in the mood to go to the gym or even just get out of bed, but it’s the thought of why we started in the first place that should give us strength to move on. If you forget why you started in the first place you will never finish what you started. And if that is not motivating enough think about all the people that give up everyday and then say that they`ll start over next Monday or next month or even next year. Think about where you would be in a year from now if you don’t quit today.

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